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 Proper Issue 10

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PostSubject: Proper Issue 10   Mon Dec 20, 2010 1:24 am

Thought I'd throw a blatant plug your way.

Issue 10 is available to buy right now. It's twice as big as before and printed all posh. For the first time it's actually a proper magazine, and not a fanzine. Although there's still loads of fucking swearing in it plus lots of un-stuffy chatter about nice clothes. That's clothes not fashion, which is why lots of people tell us they like it.

Where else would you find articles on Garbstore, Post O'Alls, R Newbold and Great Yarmouth? Here's that's where. is the place to buy it.

Read about what's in it here

Some pickchures wot we dun.

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Proper Issue 10
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