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 The cold I love it so....

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PostSubject: The cold I love it so....   Thu Sep 30, 2010 1:47 pm

I Have always noticed the feelings given off by chaps towards the A/W seasons and the anticipation heralded by digging out the big outwear pieces and nice heavy knitwear.

So, being of that mind-set myself, I did a piece for Tommy's blog about the winter and how more atmospheric it is than the summer months... Posted up on Sinister Delicious aswell, for those that don't read it, here it is... Sit back and enjoy!

The Cold, I love it so….

When the breath becomes a noticeable entity in front of our faces, vivid in the darkness and illuminated in the street lamps that we eagerly pace under, it’s a magical feeling that the nights are long, the days are short and the rustic and traditional feelings manufactured by the imminent on set of winter is finally gathering at our doors.

I’m of the persuasion that the colder and darker months are probably my favourite. They conjure up the stereotypical scenarios of bouncing walks through city thoroughfares and across open expanses of common grounds, stopping off for a warming beer at a village hostelry, the thought to me; A tantalizing and beautiful one. I am a patron of the warmer months just as much as it’s colder cousin but there is definitely something about those dark winter nights that I find most atmospheric and in a traditional way, most aesthetically pleasing to the soul.

As the sun reluctantly gives way to cloudy skies, allowing the scorched greens and gardens to become marinated by the fresh on-come of rain, sweeping in at an obtuse angle, as the winds project them across us and cause an almost musical inclination through the impact of nature and human skin, I revel in the fact that soon enough the eager lights of Christmas will be brightening the darkened streets and the air will be filled with that clinical mystique that only the true British Winter can incarnate.

These are the times I love, getting wrapped up in my winter wears, getting up early and exploring the cold shores and streets of our magnificent country, for at the time of year in question, it truly is a gorgeous and most thought inducing spectacle. The thought of setting off on the 6.00am train, as is my usual routine in winter time, to seek out the delights of Manchester, or the thought of exploring the history seeped streets of Edinburgh, probably one of the most awe inspiring cities in the colder months, is one I look forward to with great appeal.

I’m a romantic person and always have been. Romantic in the way that I think, the way that I see things and the feelings I encounter on such self-pleasing and mind warming crusades. I see things the way I see them, beauty and telling are always in abundance if we don’t take them for granted. The majority of people allow things to pass them by but if we stop, slow down and really look at things then there are some incredible things to behold at winter time. My general consensus is that our awareness is heightened, as if the winter aura can ripen our senses as if a natural chemical, a clean and pure narcotic gifted to us from nature, for us to recreationally use and then become addicted too… I know I’m hopelessly addicted.

I’m always fond of writing about London, but at winter time, it’s an amazing experience just walking around the spell binding city. The Southbank echoes all of those winter time scenarios, the type that make you want to be walking arm in arm with someone special, or taking the tube somewhere and emerging to be greeted by heady hustle and bustle and people going about their business with the raising breath gathering , almost visible as if another smog was settling over their heads, this time produced from the factory called the human body.

Of course, when we go on such head cleansing expeditions, taking in the crisp cold air that no matter your geographical location, just tastes cleaner and purer, our attire is something that should complement the backdrops of frosty grounds and snow covered pavements. The winter sections of respective wardrobes should boast the fantastical overcoats and thick, mountaineering styled parkas to keep our bodies warm… Ribbed jumpers made to the finest of specifications, rugged footwear in the shape of a pair of Folk Brandy Andre Boots or perhaps Timberland Abington, to help us cautiously tread the white carpet that has come to rest upon the hallowed grounds that we stride. Let us not forget the Scarves in beautiful cashmeres, classic checks, the ones our forefathers wore and the gentry favoured when they absconded their respective city dwellings for expansive country retreats. Or gloves and hats, woven from the softest of materials, each doing their job to the highest of expected standards.

Winter time is so much more than apparel and footwear though, we should push on and seek out these times just waiting to be captured by us and be grateful that we can experience such impeccably gorgeous wonders. The smell of log fires, the condensation gathered from the frost biting at the window and the golden sun set that fades for the impeding clear winter night skies, gloriously displaying the majestic stars, burning with a dance like quality on the canvas upon which they have been painted, Yes, Winter time is certainly the time of year that calls to me the most.

Make sure you take full advantage of the opportunities granted to you this year, whether they see you getting up at an unearthly hour to explore somewhere new, domestic or foreign, or just to appreciate the feel of those finely crafted garments that you adorn in the face of Natures gift to us all… The traditional and beautiful, Winters day.

Saul Wilks.
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PostSubject: Re: The cold I love it so....   Thu Sep 30, 2010 8:17 pm

Good stuff, bang on about London in winter Cool
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The cold I love it so....
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